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My name is Sophia; mother, partner, daughter, sister and friend behind The Intuitive Doula. I live in East Bristol with my partner of 15 years and two beautifully, strong-willed daughters. I am fascinated by women’s cycles and the power of our hormones.

I became a doula because I believe whole heartedly that women have an amazing gift of giving life and that we should be respected and emotionally supported through all the choices we make in this poignant time in our lives.

My love of birth as a rite of passage began in my early twenties when I experienced birth in all its power. My first birth highlighting the enormous transformation we make as we journey from maiden to mother; enjoying magic moments, but navigating so much change. I take this forward in my doula work by focusing on mothering the mother in those early days and weeks. Holding space for you to offload, laugh, cry or just be, and provide warm nutritious foods to support your healing journey.

My second birth took place at home, unassisted. This was the biggest lesson in how we are perfectly designed to birth with little disturbance. I carry this experience into the birth space by becoming the guardian of your space; adding a protective layer to allow your birth to unfold without unnecessary interruptions.

Through my training in 2020 I debriefed my own experiences and spent a lot of time reflecting and growing. I continue to grow and learn with every family that I support, enabling me to offer a tailored approach to suit your needs; offering non-judgemental support and a listening ear. I am open and friendly, trustworthy and reliable. I will also work alongside your chosen birth partner so that, together, we become a strong birthing team.

As your doula, I trust your innate ability to birth your baby. I am here to support you and arm you with the tools to achieve the birth you desire.

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