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Sharing positive birth stories to normalise birth & empower others.Ā 


First Time Mama, Home Birth, 42 Weeks

Originally, Jade planned to head to the birth centre toĀ birth her baby, but after putting the time into learning about the birthing process and talking it out with her partner, they chose their home as their safe space to bring their baby boy into the world. Below, Jade tells the story of her wonderful home birth.

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Second Time Mama, Unassisted Home Birth, 40+5 Weeks

I toyed with the idea of a home birth during my pregnancy, but we optedĀ to head to the birth centre again for my secondĀ birth because I really felt I had such a positive experience the first time; Iā€™d felt safe and things had gone exactly how Iā€™d wanted. Naively, I thought that by keeping the birth centreĀ as my choice of place to give birth, Iā€™d be able to have a similar experience. Of course, no two births are the same!

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First Time Solo Mama, Freebirth, 40+6 Weeks

It was an honour to walk alongside Kirsty as she prepared to birth autonomously outside of the system. Kirsty began her journey meeting with midwives, but quickly reclaimed her power, choosing freebirth. Here she shares her story of how she ventured to the depths of her soul to meet her baby, enduring a 6 day labour.

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ThirdĀ Time Mama, Freebirth, 39+6 Weeks

Third-time mama, Rhiannon, shares the story of her healing freebirth following two births within the system. Here she tells us of her reasons for choosing to opt out of the system for her third pregnancy and birth, and how this wonderful sovereign experience has imprinted onto her children, paving the way for generations to come.

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