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Are you ready to take a deep dive into holistic birth preparation?

Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is unique. That is why it is so beneficial to empower yourself with knowledge about labour and birth. Understanding more about your options, can help you feel more confident in making decisions and ensures you are always in control of your birth. I offer a tailored approach to suit your needs, offering non-judgemental support and a listening ear. My aim is to support you to feel prepared, whether you need support navigating the system or have chosen to opt out altogether. These sessions will usually include:

  • Debriefing previous birth experiences (if any)
  • Birth physiology
  • Birth rights & consent
  • Guiding you through any fears & apprehensions around birth
  • Unpacking limiting beliefs & the stories we tell ourselves
  • Exploring birth preferences & writing a birth plan
  • Being prepared and how to cope if things don’t go to your plan
  • Mindful preparation and fear release
  • Sharing tools for decision making
  • Affirmations & visualisations
  • Breath work
  • Pain Management – options
  • Natural holistic comfort measures
  • Optimal positions for birth
  • Navigating the different variations of normal
  • How to prepare for a home birth or what to pack in your hospital bag
  • Protecting the third stage – making a plan for the birth of your placenta
  • Answering any questions you have in regards to pregnancy and birth.

I offer 1:1 sessions in-person & online. Book a connection call to discuss your options.

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In-Person 1:1 Sessions

Two 2 hour sessions in the comfort of your own home covering the topics listed below. Ideal for those wanting more clarity on their options or as a refresher course for consecutive pregnancies. 


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Virtual Sessions

90 minute session over zoom for you to discuss a topic of your choice. A useful tool if you're facing a decision that needs talking out or you’d like to speak openly about any fears that are coming up for you.


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